I meet a lot of entrepreneurs through conferences, masterminds, etc. What’s so surprising to me is that I’m in groups with entrepreneurs who will spend $1000/mo for a coaching program, but they will barely spend $1000/mo on Facebook Ads, for example.

Do you realize that if you have your customer…

The late 1800’s/early 1900’s marked the 2nd industrial revolution.

In the late 1900’s/early 2000’s, a technology revolution began which disrupted and continues to disrupt industrial giants, creating sharing economies, virtual work opportunities, and new ways of communicating (among many other changes).

There are many revolutions that have happened in human…

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When I was 6 years old, I watched my mom launch her own small jewelry business, where she would visit craft shows with cases of jewelry and make a little extra money. After visiting a craft show with her, I had the genius idea…”hm…there are girls in my class at…

It seems like every tie I read something about personal development it eventually ends up in one of two conclusions.

  1. Meditate
  2. Be grateful

I’ve definitely tried to meditate more than once, including a 30-day stint at an ashram and a 10-day silent meditation retreat. …

Literally, run. I have avoided running for years, ever since our PE teachers forced us to run a mile in middle school. Actually, one of those fateful 7th grade PE days a friend and I tried to finagle the running track, which looped around a field twice and ended around…

Phoenix R.

Founder of Uke Crazy and elementary music teacher.

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