I’ve had a lot of random jobs over the years. But the one that I have benefitted the most from was door to door sales. From the first day when I interviewed, got in this random guy’s car who had just moved to Georgia from England, and we visited a neighborhood in the suburbs of Atlanta.

I watched him walk confidently up to doors and charm the pants of people. I wished I had his damn accent. He reminded me of my college roommate, and Aussie guy named Lachlan. …

I meet a lot of entrepreneurs through conferences, masterminds, etc. What’s so surprising to me is that I’m in groups with entrepreneurs who will spend $1000/mo for a coaching program, but they will barely spend $1000/mo on Facebook Ads, for example.

Do you realize that if you have your customer acquisition costs down, and you understand the lifetime value of your customer, that Facebook Ads in particular are like printing money?

What do I mean?

Well, let’s do some simple math. I’m a musician, so if I can do it, you definitely can.

It costs me, let’s just say, $100…

The late 1800’s/early 1900’s marked the 2nd industrial revolution.

In the late 1900’s/early 2000’s, a technology revolution began which disrupted and continues to disrupt industrial giants, creating sharing economies, virtual work opportunities, and new ways of communicating (among many other changes).

There are many revolutions that have happened in human history, and many to come.

But there is one revolution that needs to happen NOW, that hasn’t happened yet.

A revolution in education.

While other areas have evolved and grown, shaping the entire world, education has not. There is no denying that our education, regardless of personal belief, is not…

Why is it that certain situations cause me no anxiety whatsoever — like being on a stage — where as others, like approaching and starting a conversation with someone at an event, cause me massive anxiety, and as a result, I resist doing them?

Photo by Kevin Lee on Unsplash

I guess the default answer is to go back to when I was a kid and isolate different situations that did or did not go well. There were certainly moments that were better (or worse) than others. …

“Own your own business”, they said “escape the 9–5”, “hustle”, they said. And I listened to all of those pieces of advice which definitely got me out of the “rat race” but also put me in another type of race, where now instead of having one boss, I have 500. Taking care of clients, babysitting employees, covering when they’re out, hiring, managing, marketing, and so much more. Small business owners are bombarded with a huge amount of responsibility, and those who are willing to hustle, I believe are at risk of succumbing to the “busy-ness” of business.

In all of…

I used to dream of retiring at 30, and while I can’t say I’m “retired” I have, through systems, automation, and staffing, been able to create a situation where I can manage my business and generate a healthy income while working less than 15 hours a week.

Of course, it took years of searching to get there, and also involved me having to start the business while working a full-time job and of course adopt the “hustle culture” into my life. …

Since I was 18 and discovered “The Four-Hour Workweek”, I’ve attempted to escape the “rat race”…even before I joined it. After a lot of twists and turns, meeting the right person (my wife) to help me get focused, and some very good timing, I’ve been able to establish a business that affords me some time to really reflect on entrepreneurship. …

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When I was 6 years old, I watched my mom launch her own small jewelry business, where she would visit craft shows with cases of jewelry and make a little extra money. After visiting a craft show with her, I had the genius idea…”hm…there are girls in my class at school…I bet THEY would want some of this jewelry!” So the following week, I brought a butterfly ring to school. I showed it off to some of the girls in my class. I don’t exactly even remember how I brought it up to them…but I assume it was something like…

It seems like every tie I read something about personal development it eventually ends up in one of two conclusions.

  1. Meditate
  2. Be grateful

I’ve definitely tried to meditate more than once, including a 30-day stint at an ashram and a 10-day silent meditation retreat. I’ve also tried gratitude, keeping a list of 3–10 things I’m grateful for at both the beginning and end of the day.

What I’ve learned is that neither is a quick success bullet like I had hoped.

Gratitude in particular feels impossible at times, especially for an “entitled millennial” like myself, I often find myself nit-picking…

Literally, run. I have avoided running for years, ever since our PE teachers forced us to run a mile in middle school. Actually, one of those fateful 7th grade PE days a friend and I tried to finagle the running track, which looped around a field twice and ended around the tennis courts. We walked as slow as we could, getting to the finish line just after the 5-minute mile maniacs.

Needless to say, coach caught on and it was another failed attempt at laziness. However, I’ve since been able to avoid running for years, and particularly avoid it because…

Phoenix R.

Founder of Uke Crazy and elementary music teacher.

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